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Why Modern SEO Is Perfect for Independent Insurance Agents

urlSEO can seem difficult — and scary — at first.

Setting up your insurance website so it ranks high in search engines can be daunting. In fact, one wrong move can affect your business. 

Now add in the fluctuating nature of search engines. You might start to feel like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom.

Have no fear. The guidelines for effective SEO have never been clearer. And you, the independent agent, are uniquely qualified to meet them.

SEO = Content + Links

The traits that allow websites to achieve lofty search rankings have long been a mystery. Not anymore. 

Earlier this year, Google unveiled its two most important ranking factors: Content and links

Websites with unique, relevant content rank well if other sites link to that content.

This leaves business owners with two primary SEO goals:

1. Create content that addresses the searcher’s needs (in the website’s realm of expertise).

2. Encourage respected websites in that realm to link to that content.

Modern SEO strategies involve adding highly-targeted, well-researched content to a website. Then, promoting it to other websites in hopes of earning links from those sites. 

It’s straightforward, but it can be challenging for businesses in certain industries to pull off.

Insurance is not one of those industries.

How Independent Agents Can Thrive at SEO

Businesses most successful at SEO balance expertise and connections. They have both a knowledge base to draw from and the skills required to spread the word about that knowledge.

Good news. You fit the bill.

Think about what your agency provides. Yes, you sell policies. But, you also have a wider range of coverage options than the captive agent down the street. You also have plenty of experience selling insurance. 

That means you can help consumers find solutions for their unique coverage needs. You can draw on your position to create content that stands out to consumers and search engines.

But content alone won’t cut it. Remember: Links are also important.

Fortunately, as an independent agent, you’re in good shape here too. 

You have relationships with carriers, underwriters and industry organizations. Not to mention your local referral partnerships. 

Make the most of these relationships. Use them to earn links and strengthen business connections.

You can also work with these partners on some link-earning tactics:

Guest Blogging: Post your content to other companies’ websites and link back to your website.

Cross-Promotion: Encourage companies to link to your content. Or, share it on social media. Reciprocating with a piece of their content.

Co-Branded Content: Collaborate on a research study, infographic or presentation. Then, promote it to both consumers and industry publications.

These tactics can reinforce your business relationships. They can build your agency brand. And, they can position your agency as a thought leader. 

Ultimately, these tactics can bring you lots of new revenue for a minimal investment.

Better Together

It’s important to note neither content nor links are effective for SEO alone. 

Creating great material that matches searchers’ needs is essential. If you don’t get other websites to link to it, search engines might ignore it. 

But, if you don’t have great, unique content, you won’t be able to earn links either. 

Still, if you combine content and links, your search visibility could skyrocket. 

This requires an investment of time and hard work. The good things in life often do. But, it can yield outstanding results. Get started today!

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