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What Top Insurance Agencies Know About Websites (That You Don’t)

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Remember dial-up? In the early to mid ‘90s, high speed internet was nonexistent. 

Web design was also in its infancy. Websites were basic to allow for slow connection speeds. They were mostly made up of text with little thought given to a design layout. 

Images, typography, navigation, and search engine optimization were in the distant future. 

Fast forward. That future is now.  And today’s top insurance agents recognize that. 

They incorporate modern tactics into their agency websites and marketing strategies. They use their websites to drive growth and success. You can do it too. 

Here’s what the top agencies know about insurance websites that you don’t. 

Websites Are Mandatory

An online presence is essential in today’s market. Websites compliment, empower and add credibility to marketing efforts. Top agents treat their website as such. So, if you want to grow and build your agency, a website is a must. 

If your agency already has a website, look to your competition for ideas on how to improve. For example, how does the website perform on a mobile device? Responsive websites are well suited for small screens, and good for SEO. 

Think about your agency’s branding too. What does your agency represent? Make sure it comes across on your website. Use words, images, and layout to convey your agency’s branding. 

Websites Are Evolving

Times, they are a-changin’. Top agencies know better than to let their website become outdated. They work with proactive website, marketing, and SEO providers to ensure that. 

For example, Google recently announced it will have a mobile-first index. Google will rank mobile websites with home page content higher than those without it. 

Top agents will move to compensate for this change. If you have a mobile website (and if your website is with us, you do) add home page content.

Websites Are for the Target Audience

Your website is there to serve your target audience: prospects and customers. 

Top agencies know who their target audience is. Their target audience is the end game when making decisions about their website. 

Think about why prospects are visiting your website, and what they want to do while there. Market to them.

To be a top agency, it’s time to get your website in order. Keep your website updated and leverage it as a marketing platform. And, always make sure it is targeting your desired prospects. 

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