Prefill Household Drivers and Vehicles

Protect your loss ratio and reduce the time you spend on underwriting requests by finding those undisclosed drivers and vehicles when the application is being written. Get the correct premium for the risk you are writing by listing all of the household residents and vehicles.

Identify all drivers and vehicle information instantly

It’s a chasing game to get underwriting information once your client is out the door. With our household driver and vehicle lookups, you instantly identify all of the drivers and vehicle information at the time of quote, saving you substantial data entry time.

Make more money on each quote

Get the right premium initially for the risk being insured. Listing all the drivers of the vehicles and all vehicles that are in the household allows you to get all of the commissions for the risk you have placed.

Streamline quoting procedures

By discovering all of the drivers and vehicles initially, the agent can find the right company for the risk.

Get the information right the first time

Avoid the hassle of tracking your insured down to get additional underwriting information. Gather all of the facts; deal with all of the issues during the sale process, saving you and your customer the aggravation of receiving underwriting memos.

Protect your company appointments

Undisclosed drivers drive higher loss ratios. Protect your company appointments by getting the correct premium for the risk upfront.

Reduce the risk of policy premium increases/cancellations

There is nothing worse than getting the sale and placing the risk, only to have it canceled because an underwriting memo went unanswered, especially when that underwriting memo could have been avoided in the first place. TurboRater's Household Driver and Vehicle lookup feature allows you to underwrite the risk when the application is written, thus avoiding having to track down the customer afterwards.

Decrease costs of doing business overall for the agents and insurance companies

By discovering undisclosed drivers at the time of sale, when the customer is there, there is no need to address it later with an underwriting memo, or worse yet, at the time of a claim.

Lower your loss ratio

Get the right premium for the risk when you write it.


Driver and Vehicle lookups for all states except Texas are $0.70 each, with a $10.50 monthly minimum.

For Texas: Call your ITC sales rep.

* Note: Only driver information, not vehicle information, is available in the following states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

† Note: A no hit counts as a lookup.

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