Improve Efficiency with TurboRater

Standardized Workflow

By entering all quotes into TurboRater, employees are no longer required to learn the intricacies of each carrier’s quoting software or website. Entering quote information only once dramatically decreases the likelihood of data entry errors.

Save Time Looking Up Carrier Website IDs and Passwords

ITC TurboRater stores your username and password needed to access each Real Time Rating company’s site under the Company Properties screen. This eliminates the need for agency staff to have to lookup User IDs and passwords for each carrier every time they need a quote.

Eliminate Redundant Entry

Re-keying the same data into different carrier websites or rating software is not only time consuming but increases the likelihood of data entry errors. Enter the information once into TurboRater to receive multiple auto or home quotes.

Quotes from Multiple Carriers in a Fraction of the Time

With average rating times of 4 seconds, TurboRater is by far the fastest comparative rater in the market. We use only the latest in technologies and the highest quality equipment, so our speed cannot be matched.

Built-in Endorsement Calculator

TurboRater includes a built-in endorsement calculator to determine the pro-rated premium, down payment if necessary, and the impact the endorsement may have on future payments.

Automatic Updates

Company rate changes and software enhancements are applied automatically to TurboRater. Every time you log in, the system will automatically check our servers to see if a rate change has been posted. This ensures you always have the most accurate quotes.

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