Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Easily Monitor Your Agency’s Success

Track your agency's success with extensive quote reports. From closing ratios by producer or location to what companies are quoted the most, TurboRater's quote reports provide the data your agency needs to track your success and failures.

Multiple Formats

Easily generated, each report can be provided in multiple formats, including exporting the data to Microsoft Excel or populating a geographical map to display a visual representation of where your quotes are coming from and where you are writing policies.

Numerous Reports Available

A sample of reports available in TurboRater include the following:
  • Number of quotes by producer, location, line of business, company, and lead source
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities such as auto insurance prospects that own or rent a home
  • Visualize where your quotes are coming from with our geographical map report
  • Calculate closing ratios by comparing policies bound to quotes provided
  • More reports are also included

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