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Email Hosting With WebMail Access

Electronic mail is Included

In addition when an agent registers an Insurance Website Builder site, the agent will receive email accounts at the domain address. These email accounts can be easily maintained by the agent using our fully featured administration console. 

With 25 email accounts, you have the flexibility to add the accounts needed to grow your agency.

Our Platinum and Emerald Plan customers can enjoy 50 email accounts.

Add More Accounts

Need more accounts?  Call your sales person for information on upgrading your email user counts.

Web Access to Email

Access your email anywhere in the world via a web-based email client.

Our fully featured webmail client allows you to store contacts, calendar events, tasks all online.  You can even setup out of office auto responders that keep your customers up to date, even when you are on the road.

Free Spam and Antivirus Protection

Eighty-nine percent of emails received by insurance agents today are classified as spam. That means that only one out of every ten emails is a legitimate business communication. Over the course of a year, financial losses can really add up through the lost productivity of you and your employees. However, the greatest threat to computer networks today is from malicious programs such as trojans, zombies, and viruses, which hitch a ride within spam email.

The Insurance Website Builder includes free spam and virus protection on all email accounts.

Catch All Account

Set up an account to catch all mail sent to your domain.  Never miss an email because of a misspelling again!

Email Forwards

Forward your email to an external email account (such as Yahoo or Gmail) to keep all of your emails in one place.

Easy Setup

Easy to follow online instructions are provided to help set up an email client such as Microsoft Outlook Express so that the user of each email account will have instant access to all incoming mail.

Large Email Boxes

With 25 Gigabytes (GB) of storage per mailbox you can easily store today's volume of email.

Unlimited Alias Accounts

Do you have a lot of aliases or forwards in your agency? Our system supports unlimited aliases and forwards for your account.

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